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Matthew Pinkey


Refine what is Possible, Give Shape to the Future - Achieve the Expectations


Professional Achievements


  • Matthew is a UTPB alumni and received his bachelor's degree in marketing. As a passionate advocate for startups, and existing businesses he has created passive income via Amazon FBA, acquired rental properties and launched a successful company-wide survey campaign for a Texas-based fortune 500 company.

  • As a former Assistant Store Director for the Texas-based Fortune 500 company, Matthew has gained experience in leadership, retail sales, project management, business strategy, business finance, and outsourcing, where he left to pursue a full-time career in real estate investing.

His expertise in developing global networkers are essential to developing startups at low-cost leadership with connections in Asia and Europe to manifest startup requirements. Very knowledgeable about outsourcing to many countries, and skilled in developing online businesses incorporating global goods. 

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