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Lisa Hinojos

QuickBooks Expert

Refine what is Possible, Give Shape to the Future - Achieve the Expectations


Overview of Lisa

  • Born & raised in the Permian Basin, in the small town of Kermit, Lisa displayed her talents at an early age by graduating from high school at the age of 15 while participating in many extracurricular activities such as band & cheerleading. Her paternal grandmother adopted her when she was 2 months and kept her heavily involved with sports, band concerts & ceremonies.

  • In 2010, while a member of the Odessa College Wranglers Dance Team and holding down 2-full time jobs, Lisa graduated with an Associates in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, and soon followed that up in 2016 by earning her Masters in Biochem at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

  • Her love for bookkeeping came early on from helping her stepmother’s grandmother run her bookkeeping firm in Odessa, where she learned to help small businesses thrive in Oil Country, USA. This experience showed her what she wanted to do in life.

Entrepreneurial Development 

  • Since 2011, she’s become a certified QuickBooks Pro, has earned many service distinctions, is trusted by her peers to share best practices, and as a freelance bookkeeper, she sought new ways to learn, & launched her firm in 2017.

  • Webinars, seminars & trainings are all part of her everyday life – All to become a better professional that is able to help her clients thrive. Her clients span all of Texas – from small companies in Midland/Odessa, to large ones in San Antonio, her expertise is unsurpassed.

Personal Development 

  • When Lisa’s not working, she’s putting in hours & giving back to her community. Her favorite causes are Keep Odessa Beautiful, Meals on Wheels, & the Special Olympics. In her free time, you can usually find her in a book, online in a webinar, or cheering on the sidelines for local sports teams – especially the ones her children play on!

  • Her unique skill set is a valuable asset to her firm & being multilingual helps her build trust with new & existing clients with ease, in English or Spanish, as she’s not needed to use French very often. Her networking abilities allow her the opportunity to create high value referrals to specialists in any field, & she can be counted on to lend a helping hand.

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