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Misty Knight


Refine what is Possible, Give Shape to the Future - Achieve the Expectations


Professional Experience

  • Misty is a business success coach for BAM Consulting.  Her experience fuels the startup with an understanding of various industries collectively with correlating global partners. She has an interactive sense about startups, investors, with her insight and capability to accelerate growth through flexible mentoring and coaching approaches.

  • Her experience provides a platform to determine the best way to accelerate with an iterative strategy development process. She develops an accurate evaluation of market trends, uncovers competitive threats, finds unmet customer needs, and assess capabilities and culture to build a practical growth plan.

  • She helps identify opportunities to help startups to move past limitations and build on their strengths. 

  • She conceives a unique market insight relevant to customer needs, preferences, and willingness to pay to develop price-points with a comprehensive price structure design. Her provided outcomes include pricing recommendations, supported by estimated revenue, and sales volume impacts to assist in developing an implementation plan. 

  • Her passion involves an appreciation for working with incubators, Launch Pads, and accelerators to lead in the development of the Entrepreneur. Misty enjoys working with small business owners, helping them reach their goals and creating financial freedom for their families.

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