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High School Entrepreneurial Development

This online virtual learning instruction is intended for 11 and 12 graders relevant to building knowledge about their selected marketplace. It uncovers the opportunity to compose a business model addressing the value proposition, cost, and revenue streams while evaluating market strategies and economics to deliver a pitch.

  • Students begin the process with research and guidance to develop an understanding of the target market, size of the market, and product-fit.  Students are to uncover opportunities within their selected industry, observe trends and develop the nessary framework to begin their analysis. 

  • The validation of the market and to advance the idea, will require an understanding of Intellectual Property. The process covers both design and utility patents, copyrights, and trademarks. We will introduce the importance of ensuring protection of their labor, the process, and what types of protection are available. The four types of trademarks are addressed,  collectively with a business method patent and software patents. 

  • This phase includes advancing a business canvas model to emphasize key partners, describing the key activities of sales, distribution, product development, and methods for manufacturing and distribution. Other major objectives include describing key resources - associated with financial support, teams, consulting services, and outscoring. The center of the development of the model is configuring the value proposition directed and the pains and gains of the market, collectively with a resolution that fits the size of the market and demand. Throughout this courses, students are reviewing how to develop customer relationships, segments, and channels to reach their prospective target audience.  The end results will require the review of both the cost structure and revenue streams. 

  • The last course in the development is a pitch - providing important findings that signify a lucrative business confirming a sustainable development. Students will need to prepare an outline of their research, market, underlying the highlights of the Business Model Canvas while introducing the problem collectively with the solution.  In the presentation, they will need to be prepared for questions relevant to establishing market position, competition, marketing plan, and potential audience size to ensure profitability. 

The scheduling of this opportunity includes two business professionals/mentors with extensive backgrounds and multiple successes. 

This virtual online entrepreneurial development is all online, 3 hours a day Monday thru Friday starting at 9 am and ending the day at noon over a courses of three weeks.

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