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Leiken Finch


Refine what is Possible, Give Shape to the Future - Achieve the Expectations

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Professional Experience

  • As an entrepreneur and owner of Finch Media Co, she provides professional services to enable market growth from strategic branding supportive of both sustainability and scalability. Her proven success of brands arrives from captivating, curated images and graphics representing a meaningful and sincere label. The provided benefits comprise of intuitive videos to portray an extraordinary message, collectively with web and social media management that alleviates the struggle of managing a complex marketing strategy.

  • Her accomplishments include managing a large veterinary hospital in Amarillo, Texas, and developing skills to incorporate the methodology of storytelling from listening intently to the client’s narratives. Aside

from her innovative developments, she created the necessary operating procedures to establish the growth of staff to facilitate a turn-key operation.

Entrepreneurial Interactions


  • Her business connections lead to various opportunities that enabled business owners to collaborate, network, and cultivate resources and partnerships to advance growth. The result, "Coffee + Connections" brings together like-minded owners each month hosted by different business owners to have discussions on multiple business fronts while networking to find solutions.

  • Her passion is adding value to develop business brands and connecting a community to successful partners to ensure city success.  


  • Her self-fulfillment involves participating in the Uptown Business and Professional Women organization, lending-a-hand to other women through compelling scholarships, and presenting imperative opportunities as a volunteer chair of social media and marketing committee. 

  • Her much-respected leadership at Finch Media developed a collaborative environment to create and serve clients with "top-notch" branding components. Her success embraces in-depth experience to identify the importance of the "message" that fuels the future. The expected outcome enables the ability to generate the necessary value and principles that propel creditability and builds customer trust. 



  • Her mother decided to challenge Leiken (Lake-in) with a unique name starting at birth, only to enable her to stand out from the rest. 

  • She enjoys coffee, bold colors, grocery shopping, and interacting in meaningful conversations with her husband, and enjoys the laughter of her children.

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