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Chauny Shiver, MBA

Senior Project Management 

Refine what is Possible, Give Shape to the Future - Achieve the Expectations

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Professional Experience

  • Over the past 15 years, she has helped companies create a solid foundation they can build on. Coaching them on how to build AMAZING teams, get organized and give them the tools to continue the cycle of success is one of the most important building blocks she instills in all her clients. 

  • In the first 10 years of her professional career, she assisted in the foundational building of retail companies such as Micheals Arts and Craft Stores, Aeropostale and Walgreens, as well as some non-profit organizations. The number one thing these companies and organizations had in common was the need to build solid teams to run the day to day operations and solidifying a vision specific to their particular location and needs.

Entrepreneurial Development 

  • Her heart for serving others allows businesses to genuinely see their business plan clear and vision played out all the way through. Clear milestones for business projects and communication are uniquely designed per client need.

  • Her optimism for cultivating communication for businesses is contagious and naturally gives any business a shot of energy that is undeniable. Shiver Services and team are one of a kind and are an AMAZING addition to a variety of businesses in just about any industry. Helping owners with businesses small or large see their success through a different lens will help them develop a clear direction and a NEW lease on both projects and business relationships with their team.        


  • She truly believes in helping others become the best version of themselves and knowing others have a solid roadmap to succeed gives her LIFE. Businesses will leave confident in the continuing growth of their brand, company, and self-worth. This is PRICELESS!! 




  • Chauny is a wife, mother, a dynamic leader in her current company and owner of Shiver Services. Born and raised in one of the most business-savvy cities in Texas, she carried the knowledge and experiences she learned with her to West Texas where she would become one of the most sought out consultants of her time.

  • After graduating with her MBA in Curriculum Design and Advance Instruction, she set out to take on one of the leading business capitals in the World Midland Texas. There she continues to build on her knowledge of different business models and more importantly what it means to truly become a servant of people which allows her clients' businesses to thrive to unimaginable heights. 

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