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Marketing Strategy

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Services Provided

The provided expertise enables a foundation for expanding and managing marketing objectives while driving a strategic plan-of-action to advance market penetration. The comprehensive plan is extensive that identifies the characteristics of the target market, size, with emphasis on selecting viable segments to administer diverse content, with a purpose to empower different perspectives.


Our contribution builds a foundation that begins with profiling, or the customer’s personas, competitors, to develop strategies to support marketing goals while evaluating the 4-Ps. The process of development includes vital suggestions to market and promote your product or services. 

Marketing Strategy Services

The BAM TEAM provides a comprehensive marketing strategy built with analyzing your customers appropriate to product/service while describing the characteristics of the target audience. The advancement of a plan includes determining your distribution channels, methods of promoting your business, and advertising techniques. The model provides steps to create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) while defining your target, competitors while determining a competitive edge. In the process, clients will revisit pricing and positioning strategy, establish goals, and complete market pricing analysis. Other plans that will be introduced include promotion strategy, online marketing strategy, conversion strategy, and referral strategies.

Business Model Services

The Business Model development provides the ability to uncover specific tasks, correlate interactive processes, and reveal significant activities, critical resources, and applicable costs. The approach builds a specific framework focused on various core process elements that apprehend the business perspective. Other evaluative components include a promise-of-value that clearly explains a cohesive purpose relevant to customer and market fulfillment. 

Utilizing the Business Model Canvas, startups can conduct a closer evaluation of applied methods that build customer relationships through various channels in reaching their target market. Generating income from either recurring revenue, transaction-base, or service revenues is defined by the maximum delivered value and referred to as revenue streams collectively with anticipated forecasting of expenses. The opportunity explores strategic management and lean startup capabilities for acquiring new or documenting existing business models. It is a visual chart with critical elements describing the product value proposition, infrastructure, customers, revenue streams, and finances. The business model breaks down several components of the segments, and every facet of a business needs to merge in the same direction. The real benefit is describing, designing, and pivoting to market demand and customer perception that builds the brand.

Strategic Business Plan 

The Strategic Business Plan typically represents a standardized template that most governmental agencies use to gather your information, organize it, and provide a global perspective. Instead of developing a rocket to get from A to Z and applying assumptions - our Strategic Business Plan (SBP) empowers you with a vision through the advancement to examine potential short-falls and long-term impacts relevant to your marketplace. The applied research evaluates local competition, marketing analysis, financial benchmarks, and advances a comparative evaluation on a local and national scale with actionable objectives. The development enables the opportunity to pivot depending on market shift, experiencing unexpected competition, or failing business model. This course presents a sufficient foundation that establishes necessary facts, uncovers rivalry, determines suppliers, and defines the target market with extraordinary evidence.

The development of your financials applies to both existing and determined startups' data to forecast expected income and expenditures. It facilitates the composition of various scenarios recognizing critical probabilities essential to experiencing a market shift, economic downturn, generating high-sales, or reducing operational expenses to formulate the impact of profitability. The development of various revenue streams frequently secures cash flow throughout multiple conditions while also focusing on more prominent opportunities. Creating diverse income streams minimizes the risk of primary source deficiencies.  Financial projections require an analysis of the SBP to develop short/medium-term sales potential for serious investors. The evaluation includes proposed outcomes from relevant but conservative expenses, cash flow, assets, liabilities, shareholders' equity, and profit and loss statement.